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Centralize and optimize all the processes of your company with a single customized App.

Not sure about your company's procedures?

We review your current processes with you and together we create the procedures that your company needs, using technology.


¿What do we do?

We create customized Apps to streamline processes in companies.

"In SOLUMAKER we create Apps for you to do in 1 step what you do now in 10"

¿Why Solumaker?



Of 10 years creating business processes in all kind of companies.


Creating the internal processes that your company may require in order to improve its efficiency.


You will know what a customized App can really do for you and your company.


You will know if it worths it, how much time do you save, how much control you get, how much freedom you obtain etc…


We develop powerful, easy-to-use customized Apps for your business activity.

“Nobody knows your business better than yourself.

SoluMaker listens to you, understands and helps you create controls through custom Apps. ”


¿How do we do it?


Together we check the current procedures in your company.


If it's necessary, we create together new procedures.

3.  WE  TEST

We create a DEMO of the custom App.


You confirm the DEMO and we develop the official version of your App.


We teach you and your staff how to use the customized App.

¿Still have questions? Check our Frecuent Asked Questions.

¿Wanna see our Apps?


¿What they say of Solumaker?

Luis Rojas, Tracmot, Barcelona, España.

Solumaker made us an application easy to use and minimalist, to take control of customers, suppliers and inventories that we needed and just as we wanted.

Marta Giralt, MAGISA  Barcelona, España.

Solumaker surprised me with the incredible benefit of having my own software to manage all areas of my company in the way I wanted, and with the flexibility to add features as we grew.

Roberto Forero, JACOM, Guadalajara, México.

Awesome!!!! Since we have an internal APP that does what we used to take a long time in a few seconds, our productivity increased up to 70%

Alfredo Cohen, ElParlante, Barcelona, España.

Solumaker developed a customized application to control the production and finances of our projects. It was certainly a change of life in our productivity that has allowed us to scale.

No matter what your company does.

SOLUMAKER will create a customized APP to improve and streamline your work, no matter how difficult, dynamic or complex it is.



Carrer de la Garrotxa, 25, 08041, Barcelona.


+34 656 630 661


Calle Jamaica 1659, Col. Niños Héroes, Guadalajara.

+52 33 3685 6274